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Halal at McDonald’s Saudi Arabia
Welcome to McDonald’s Saudi Arabia page on Halal. McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is scrupulous on following the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the highest Halal and Food Safety measures. You may view our Halal certificates throughout this website and can ask us any question if you have any doubt.
Chicken Halal Certificates
شهادات‎ الدجاج الحلال
شهادات‎ الدجاج الحلال
شهادات‎ الدجاج الحلال
Beef Halal Certificate
شهادات‎ اللحم البقري الحلال
Fish Halal Certificate
شهادة‎ السمك الحلال‎
Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Desserts and Sauces Halal Certificates
شهادات‎ المايونيز والكاتشاب والحلويات والصلصات الحلال
شهادات‎ المايونيز والكاتشاب والحلويات والصلصات الحلال
Halal Fries Certificates
شهادات‎ البطاطس الحلال
شهادات‎ البطاطس الحلال
McDonald’s adherence to Halal

In adherence to Halal procedures at all stages, McDonald’s applies strict measures on the level of suppliers and slaughterhouses, whereby:

  • All cows and poultry are vegetable fed only.
  • Hand slaughtering is the only adopted method; mechanical slaughtering is prohibited.
  • All slaughter men are Muslims, known by the Muslim community for their good character and work under supervision of a Muslim supervisor.
  • The name of “Allah” is pronounced over animals prior to slaughtering and knives are kept sharp at all times to avoid any torture.
Choosing the suppliers

To qualify as a McDonald’s supplier, they must fully meet global official benchmarks as well as McDonald’s internal food safety standards, product specification and farm biosecurity policies.

In addition, they need to adhere to social responsibility policies on aspects concerning animal welfare, animal feeding, prohibition of deforestation and use of antibiotics as growth promoters and above all, to the highest Halal procedures in all of their business.
Locally Owned

McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is owned and operated by Riyadh International Catering Corporation in the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of Saudi Arabia and Reza Food Services in the Western and Southern regions.

With more than 260 stores, McDonald’s Saudi Arabia employs more than 8800 employees including more than 2000 Saudi nationals. A key contributor to the Kingdom’s economy, McDonald’s supports the development of local suppliers and heavily invests in the employment and training of the local workforce.
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